Visit from Alibaba

I got a visit from 2 representatives from today. Alibaba is the biggest sourcing website for finding suppliers in China and Asia. Until now we had a free account there to promote our company and products to possible customers in Europe and USA. We get enquiries almost every day but having a free account has a big disadvantage: the number of products is limited to 50pcs only. A friend of mine got a Gold Membership last year but never activated it because of personal reasons and he offered me to take over his membership for free. That is a really generous offer because usually these memberships cost around 40,000 HKD (~ 4,000 EURO) per year.  I promised him to send him a cheque if we find a lot more customers with this new account. 😉 So the guys from Alibaba came to check out my office and verify the business address. I will get the new Gold Member account within the next few days and I will be able to upload and promote as many products I have. Keeping my fingers crossed to find more potential wholesale customers for my business.

Rainboots Samples arrived

Today we got some rainboots samples from 2 manufacturers from China. The prints are really pretty and cute (polka dots, stars, anchors,…) but unfortunately the quality of the rubber is not satisfying. Additional, the manufacturers require minimum order quantities of 2000 pairs or more. That’s not possible and reasonable for us. Anyway, I am sure we will find some other suppliers with better quality and lower quantities.

Wholesale Shopping available now

We worked very hard on adding this. From now on, our wholesale customers (retail shop owners, online shops, wholesaler etc.) are able to create a wholesale account on our website and then they will be able to login and see our items with wholesale prices. This way, they are able to see our current stock, detailed photos, quantity, prices etc. and can order directly online. It is much more convenient than any other way like catalog orders or by email, fax etc. I wish I could order like this from the manufacturers and other suppliers we have.

Anyone interested in ordering from us in bulk? There is NO minimum order quantity, just a minimum order value of 300 Euro (or 474 USD) per order. More detailed wholesale information can be found here: Wholesale Information

Our items are suitable for shops selling kawaii, Japanese, Asian, Rock, Rockabilly, Emo items and other cute, crazy shops.

French Visitors

Today we had a visit from a french company who is looking for new suppliers for their shops. It is really interesting to meet people from around the world. They are very interested in our skulls fashion items. Let’s see if they will place an oder with us.

Visa problems

I planned to go to the Canton Fair in Guangzhou / China this coming weekend to look for new suppliers. Now, the Chinese government just changed the rules for foreigners visiting China.

The usual procedure is: you go to the border, fill out an application form at the visa office, wait around 10min and you have your visa (single entry). Even better, you can go to a special travel agent in Hong Kong and apply for a multiple-entry 1-year visa. I got that one before, just took 2-3 days and you can go to China as often as you wish.

As the Olympic games are approaching, the Chinese government gets more and more worried about bad publicity (for example the disaster in Tibet) and therefore secretly changed the rules. Even worse, they didn’t announce this news to the public. Hong Kong reporters called to the Beijing goverment department and asked what happened. They denied that anything changed. But the point is, you can’t get any multiple entry visas anymore. Only single and double entry and only in a very complicated way (embassy, etc.). Furthermore, many people confirmed, that they even couldn’t get a single-entry visa at the border or at the travel agent anymore! It was said, that the rules will change back after the Olympic Games are over.

Ok, if the Chinese goverment is doing such stupid ridiculous games with us foreigners, I won’t be going to the trade fair. I don’t want to risk to get stranded at the border and have to return without going to the trade fair. Luckily, for me it’s not such a big deal as I seldom go to China anyway, but I know of many people who do business by going to China a few times per week. Their financial income is on a great risk now and I have heard of some husbands who have to stay longterm in China now and can only come back once in a while to see their families. What a mess! These Olympic games are really starting to annoy me 🙁