modes4u team: Rilakkuma asks……. Ho

Without him our shop would look really sad, because there would be no pictures. It’s time to meet the man behind the camera.

Hello, who are you by the way?
I’m Ho. I’m 27 years old and from Hong Kong. Besides my job at modes4u I also have been studying multimedia since 2008. In evening and weekend classes I work on my skills in photography, video and animation. Before I started working here I was a photographer for jewelry.

What is your job at modes4u?
I am the modes4u photographer and take pictures of every product that we have. That means I see every new product first, have to understand how it works and present it in its best way. So I get to know our products quite well. When we need pictures for magazines, I arrange the products and try to make a good photo. During peak times with lots of orders I also support the packing staff, for example with cutting fabrics or sticking stamps.

What is your favourite product or your favourite category at modes4u?
I like how all our products are lots of fun and really have bright and happy colours. It makes them really fun to work with and I can only imagine how much the customers enjoy them.

The fabrics we carry impress me the most. I have already photographed hundreds of them, but still there are always new designs that really surprise and amaze me. I also enjoy getting to know the different materials.

What do you like most about your job at modes4u?
I get to know many new things here. I work with products I have never seen before and it’s very exciting to find out about them. It is a lot of fun to photograph these things, they just make you smile.

Due to the international team I am also introduced to lots of new things besides work. I have already tried many typical German, Austrian, Swiss, Japanese or Korean delicacies that people brought or made to share with everybody at work. I probably would not have tried them otherwise. You just feel very well cared for here, because everybody helps each other and brings little treats all the time.

You’re surrounded by creative stuff the whole day. Do you like to craft or to be creative in your leisure time?
Because of my studies I HAVE to be creative in my leisure time, as I have to fulfill assignments. So my creativity is mainly challenged in the field of multimedia, in editing videos and pictures.

Usually he stands behind the camera, today Rilakkuma nearly totally covers our photographer Ho

Usually he stands behind the camera, today Rilakkuma nearly totally covers our photographer Ho

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  • Faith says:

    Yay! I love the modeS4u photos!

    The big Rilakkuma is such a good interviewer hahaha

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