We’re crafting a Washi Christmas Tree

It was about time to give our new office a Christmas look. And as we have quite a few white walls here, we decided to embellish them our own way: With Washi Tapes. Now we have a wonderful Masking Tape Christmas tree in our office and everybody participated in making it. It was very easy to do and lots of fun. All of us made at least one Christmas tree ornament and could design it any way he or she wanted.

So how to do it?

Make the outline of a tree with Masking Tape. You can try to make the shape of a real fir tree, or you go for the easy triangle version as we did. The outer line of our tree also consists of two tape layers, we chose one light green and one darker green tape. For the Christmas tree balls we just cut out circles of paper and decorated them with all kinds of Masking Tape. Then we stuck them on the tree and voila: done.

After Christmas we can just remove it without leaving any traces on the wall. We also adjusted the tape several times when making the outline, as we were not that satisfied with the shape. Washi tape just rocks!

We're crafting a Washi Christmas Tree 8

Christmas at the modes4u office with our lovely Christmas Washi tree

We're crafting a Washi Christmas Tree 3

Sandra is busy finishing the outline of the tree

We're crafting a Washi Christmas Tree 9

The whole staff crafted at least two different Christmas tree balls

We're crafting a Washi Christmas Tree 10

Everybody is very happy with the result

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  • Faith says:

    Yay! So cute! 🙂

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