modes4u team: Rilakkuma asks……. Jacqueline

Time to catch up with our team member introduction series. Today is all about our office administrator Jacqueline, who helps us staying organised in the office.

Hello, who are you by the way?
My name is Jacqueline. I was born and raised in Hong Kong. For my last year of High School I moved to Australia and also went to university there. I studied Social Sciences, majoring in Japanese, Management and Sociology. This combination really enabled me to work in different fields. Since I came back to Hong Kong I have been working for example as a student counselor or in administrative positions like in a passport department.

What is your job at modes4u?
I am the office administrator and make sure everything runs smoothly here. I take care of new deliveries, buy office supplies, stamps and more. I spend a lot of time in the warehouse and work closely with our packing staff, as I am also in charge of unboxing new products. But I also support our Managing Director Sandra in many administrative tasks, do research, organise things and spend lots of time on the phone.

What is your favourite product or your favourite category at modes4u?
I love our owl fabrics. I don’t really sew myself; still I like to look at all the different fabrics. They look really cute and there are so many different styles of owl designs.

What do you like most about your job at modes4u?
It’s great to have so much cultural exchange here. It is my first time to work with people from Germany and Austria which I find very exciting, as every nationality has its different characteristics. I also enjoy trying different foods that my colleagues bring along and learn about their culture.

You’re surrounded by creative stuff the whole day. Do you like to craft or to be creative in your leisure time?
I do not craft very much, but like to be creative in other ways. Music is one of my passions; I am very active in my church band and love to sing.

Jacqueline and Rilakkuma: A big hug for our office mascot

Jacqueline and Rilakkuma: A big hug for our office mascot

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