10 Creative Hacks to Use Jersey Fabric


Jersey is known as a knit fabric. Jersey fabric is light and flexible, yet warm and insulating. It is one of the most popular choices for t-shirts and a variety of other apparels. One of the most interesting aspects of jersey fabric is that it can be made from 100% cotton or polyester synthetic blend that makes it look unique. In jersey fabric, there is also a right and a wrong side like most other knitted fabrics. The right side is vertical grain and the wrong side is horizontal. All the items of clothing made with a jersey knit have the vertical grain facing out.


What Type of Fabric Is Cotton Jersey?


Here is a short video that will tell you about the type of fabric



Jersey is the most fashionable and unique fabric that glows because of its high-quality material. Jersey fabric is an elegant choice for a variety of articles of clothing. Hoodie sweatshirts are often made with jersey fabric for a lightweight and adorable look. This is the perfect hoodie for fall and spring wear as it is warm and light.



Jersey fabric has a lot of great qualities and also it is a common choice for polo shirts. Polo is a 100% preshrunk cotton. Jersey fabric is soft and breathable cotton and a perfect choice for polo shirts to enhance its softness and add warmth. It is a polyester blended jersey fabric that has moisture-wicking qualities and spotshield to endure stains.



Jersey is the most generic term that is used for all types of knitted fabrics. Jersey fabric was originally manufactured from wool but is now made of cotton, wool, and synthetic fibers. The Jersey name is derived from the name of the Channel Island that exists between Britain and France. There are two types of machine-knitted jersey


1. Single jersey

2. Double jersey


Single jersey is a single layer fabric knitted with one set of needles on a single bed of a weft knitting machine while double jersey is knitted with two sets of needles on a weft knitting machine.         


Jersey fabrics are very embracing as they have stability and also have a smaller stretch than something like a cotton spandex knit. Also you can use them in a variety of sewing patterns designed for both woven and knit fabrics. A variety of things can be made from jersey fabrics including T-shirts, dresses, skirts and blouses etc


Now you don’t have to waste a few pieces left from fabric. You can now use them to create adorable things. Here are some of the top fabric projects to help you use that jersey fabric in a fun way!

1. Diapers and Wipe Case For Your Baby

This small, cute Jersey fabric diaper clutch is easy to sew. It is super handy for both mom and dad to carry diapers in this diaper bag. This diaper clutch also has a great capacity to keep the diapers as well as wipes. You know that when you have a small baby at home then you always need diapers and wipes on hand. That’s why having a cute diaper clutch is always the best choice to grab when you need to do a diaper change or to take it anywhere else and do the diaper change quickly and easily. This is the perfect baby diaper clutch.


2. Mini Messenger Bag

This fabulous jersey fabric kid’s mini messenger bag is for little girls to carry. It also has an easy sewing pattern. Make an adorable purse for your little princess. This is a mini messenger bag that is awesome for kids to carry and the best choice for them to carry a few small things with them.


3. Something to Just Put the Necessary Things In

Do you ever think that you need a small bag to put just a few things in? Here comes an essential jersey fabric bag to keep your phone, keys, purse etc things in. It’s the perfect bag for your small things to be placed in safely.


4. Fabric Flower Pillow

This is a fantastic look for a couch. The color is so pretty to make your room look attractive. This fabric flower couch is a perfect choice for your home to look stylish. It is a cheap way to create elegant fabric flower couches in a few minutes.

5. Fabric keychains

This adorable little keychain is made up of jersey fabric and is perfect to use. These little key chains are perfect for showcasing your favorite fabric, or embellishing with button flowers, felt monograms, or whatever you can dream up!


6. Jersey Fabric Pendant

This antique necklace is one for your best craft collection. Now you can easily make this necklace for your loved ones. The following are the steps.

1. Paint the pendant with white and let it dry.

2. While the pendant is drying you can coat your fabric with Mod Podge matte that helps your fabric from fraying when you cut it.

3. Paint your pendant top with Mod Podge Matte and make sure that the coating is thick.

4. Put the fabric down over the pendant and let it smooth until the fabric is down on the whole pendant. If you see the Mod Podge coming out from the sides then wipe it with a paintbrush and let it dry.

5. After that cut the fabric. If some of the edges of fabric come out then you just apply the Mod Podge again and let it dry.

6. Use a pin to make a wide pendant hole.

7. Put your pendant in a safe place where you can paste a microbead easily by applying the glue and let it dry.

7. Picture Frame

You can now make stylish picture frames through this jersey fabric. You will just need glue, scissors, and fabric to make adorable picture frames.

8. Baby Blanket

This cute baby blanket is a perfect choice for any baby boy or girl.


DIY Steps to Make Blanket

1. You have all the squares cut and ready

2. Now start sewing rows by putting right sides of two squares together and start it from the top row

3. Do that for each row until the row is completed.

4. Once you have done that with all the rows then press them so they become soft.

5. Now sew one row to the next and do that for all the rows until you have your blanket top completed.

6.Once the top is completed, cut the fabric or any material you want for the bottom of the same size as the top and start sewing all the outside edges.

7. Thread a quilting needle with embroidery thread and for the corners go down from the top and back up from the bottom tying a square knot. That’s it, you have your amazing baby blanket for your baby.


9. Fabric Mousepad

Here’s come an amazing mousepad which is also one of the projects that are made from jersey fabric. You can easily create things that will help you to perform your task better like this fabric mousepad.


Bonus Tips:


How to make simple Headbands

A short video to make simple headbands using fabric.


2018 collection of Jersey fabric at affordable prices.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is a 100% cotton jersey?

It is flexible and light as well as warm and insulating. Also, it is one of the best choices for t-shirts and other apparels. One of the most interesting facts of jersey fabric is that it can be made from 100% cotton or from a polyester synthetic blend; it is the knit of the fabric that makes it elegant.


Is jersey fabric stretchy?

Jersey fabric is considered a 100% cotton knit fabric or it is blended with other fibers such as rayon or polyester. Jersey fabric that is made up of cotton provides a lusty hand as there is only a minimal stretch due to the knitting process. Jersey blends knit fabric with rayon or polyester to provide a more fluid hand and auxiliary stretch. Both types of jersey knit vary in thickness from lightweight to medium weight so it is necessary to keep all these things in mind while selecting the right knit for your project like you can not choose a lightweight rayon jersey fabric for pants that need more stability and a structure that is found in a cotton jersey fabric.


What material are jerseys made of?

Jersey is made of 100% polyester woven fabric that is shiny.


Timeless Treasures knit fabric with cats

Timeless Treasures knit fabric with cats

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