Baby on Board with Rilakkuma

Our former customer service fairy Gabi left the modes4u team a couple of weeks ago to become a mum. This week she visited us the first time with her adorable son, who is just four weeks old. Everybody in the office fell in love with the baby at once, even the guys wanted to hold him in their arms.

Of course we couldn’t let the opportunity pass to take a picture with little Jamiro and our big office Rilakkuma. We just put the baby on his comfortable furry belly and the little boy was sleeping happily. What a great baby bed!! Congratulations Gabi, you and little Jamiro are always welcome to take a nap on the big Rilakkuma.

Baby on Board with Rilakkuma 1

The first modes4u baby with the whole team (his mother Gabi is on the left)

Baby on Board with Rilakkuma 2

Rilakkuma was a very soft and comfortable bed for the baby

Baby on Board with Rilakkuma 3

All the team members were totally in love with the baby

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2 Responses to “Baby on Board with Rilakkuma”

  • Darkmoon says:

    i would love to know how much is the big big big big big big Rilakkuma bear……….
    want it…..anywhere sell it?

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